Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scavenger Hunt With An Easter Egg Carton...and more ideas!

Scavenger hunts are such a popular activity these days. There are 
numerous ideas you can find online for your kids to enjoy, such as 
inside, outside, holiday themed or color-coded. With spring 
approaching, nature scavenger hunts seem to be the ideal pick. Here is 
a fun and creative way to get your kids outside in the sunshine and 
interacting with nature.


Items you need- Empty egg cartons and crayons/markers/paint

Instructions- Give each child an empty egg carton. Once they each have 
one, they get to color each cup a different color with crayons, 
markers, or paint (if you want to make it more messy…I mean 
enjoyable.) When they are done coloring, send the kids outside to 
collect small pieces of nature- 1 piece to match each color in the egg 
carton. Once each kid has placed the matching object in each cup, the 
scavenger hunt is over.

This is such a hands-on, creative way to get your kids outside and 
learning nature. Also, you are helping the environment by recycling 
and you are almost expense free with this activity…even better!

If you want to see other creative scavenger hunt ideas, feel free to 
explore the links below:

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Park Scavenger Hunt. This site offers a printable PDF scavenger hunt sheet. Easy to use with pictures that your children can color when they spot an item at the Park.

Get Creative with your scavenger hunt container's, here a blogger uses a pill box to make collecting items fun for the kids.