Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Pile of Magazines!

I have always seemed to collect magazines. I was chosen to be on my high school newspaper (The Dragon Spirit) staff which led me to interview for a writing position on my college newspaper (The Reflector) staff.

My junior year in college I served as Entertainment Editor for the newspaper. That summer I did an independent study on Online Magazine Publishing. Ironically, I am now starting a print publication, yet, in my study never could have predicted how Facebook, Twitter and my web site would play a very integral part in my business plan.

A brief career in corporate communications with International Paper, Associate Publisher of MidSouthLiving, and a much enjoyed Account Executive position with inferno Advertising Company also all gave me the varied knowledge building up to this....the launch of my own magazine.

This picture shows the stack of magazines I have to browse this week. Soon, I can add my own publication to the list -and I hope everyone enjoys reading it, as much as I have enjoyed the journey getting here!