Monday, April 11, 2016

The Quest To Find A Baby Sitter

I am often asked about babysitters.

Whether you are trying to find help for the summer time or perhaps have a young baby and need regular scheduled help so you can get out to run errands - finding a reliable sitter is always a quest.

Here are a few ways to help find that perfect babysitter!

1. One thing I did was call the local company Sitters. They help find sitters that can stay with and help care for elderly people. But they also certify babysitters for children too. Their number is 903.277.2191. I used several people from their service on occasions when the children were very young, and I just had to leave the house and had no one to keep the kids. I had several different sitters from their service and eventually found a favorite one that I requested and scheduled regularly. I would tell them what you are looking for and then ask to interview 3 people for the position. It may be pricier than if you find someone on your own. I can't remember their fee structure, but it is worthwhile to know they have done a background check and have someone with references.

2. The other thing several of my friends did was run an ad in the paper and interview candidates. That is harder because as a new mom and a working mom it is difficult to find time to schedule an ad and then interview people, but it paid off for my friends, they all found good help that way.

3.  The 3rd option, I did one time was to call my church office and ask if they knew of anyone. I was given several names that way. It is always reassuring to know that someone with your same beliefs would be watching over your children.

Finding a sitter is never easy, but if you take the time to find a good one, it is well worth the search!