Friday, September 19, 2014

Texarkana Family Calendar For Sept/Oct 2014

5 Ways To Increase Fine Motor Skills

1. Use Your Muscles!
Weight-bearing actives like push-ups, climbing, wheelbarrow walks or animal crawls strengthen hand arches. Stronger arches lead to better dexterity.

2. Increase Dexterity!
Have your child play with putty or play dough. Roll it into a ball shape then use both hands to thin it out into a worm. Repeat!

3. It's Slinky, It's Slinky!
Teach your children to use both hands at the same time by "slinking" a slinky from side to side.

4. Get Handy!
Do anything that involves tools such as scissors, tongs, marbles, or helping with household projects. Remember, a pencil is a tool, too! Give kids a writing or drawing exercise to encourage their dexterity.

5. Play Crab-Soccer!
Get down into a crab walk position, then kick a bouncy ball back and forth, or try kicking it into a goal. This is a fun way to exercise different muscle groups, as well.