Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Don't miss Discovery Place Museum's Exhibit!

If you and your kids want to be a part of the dedication of the new Discovery Place Exhibit, Musical Tesla Coil, join the community July 10th at 12 p.m. to celebrate the 157th birthday of Nikola Tesla.
The Tesla Coil is named after inventor Nikola Tesla. William H. Terbo will be the speaker at this dedication. William is the closest living relative of Nikola Tesla. He is also a Founding Director, Chairman of the Executive Board, and since 1988 the Executive Secretary of the Tesla Memorial Society, Inc.
You may be wondering, “What is the Tesla Coil exactly?”  The Tesla Coil is an electrical resonant transformer circuit. They are unique in the fact that they produce extremely powerful electrical fields. This new exhibit at Discovery Place Museum will allow visitors to interact and explore the combination of music and electricity in a safe way.
The opening is July 10th, however; Tesla Days will continue through July 13th. There will be food booths and lots of fun. Hope to see you there!

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